Data Centers

Data Centers

   To provide a wide range of high quality services and affordable to everyone, we use the services of more then one data centers. Our own servers are hosted in multiple locations, both in EU and USA
   Our datacenters have a reputation of top security with no one being able to access any of your servers besides our technicians. UPS power redundancy with multiple generators that are constantly tested and which can run for weeks and as well as one of the most redundant HVAC systems.
   The Network Operations Center provides 24/7/365 monitoring of our servers, network status and our connectivity to upstream backbone providers. With our quality servers, specially designed data center, and commitment to excellent technical support, we make sure that your web site has maximum uptime. Another benefit to the Simply Hosting network is the security of our data center and servers. Read more about our data center and network features below, including security, reliability, high uptime, and fast data transfer.
   Our administrators has direct support from all network administrators that includes the ability to control routes, peering, and network functionality.

   We are one of the only hosting company  which uses the services of several data centers. We are also among the only hosting company that shows the exact details (name, location, web site) of data centers..

Location: Orlando, Florida US
Hosted our servers used for: Shared Hosting - US
Web Site:

Location: Dallas, Texas US
Hosted our servers used for: Radio Hosting, VPS 1Gbps US
Web Site:

Location: Roubaix, France EU
Hosted our servers used for: Radio Hosting
Web Site:

Location: Falkenstein (Saxony), Germany EU
Hosted our servers used for: Radio Hosting, VPS 10/100 Mbps EU
Web Site: